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Ways Your Hen Do is Good for You

Ways Your Hen Do is Good for You

If you’ve seen the title, you might feel a little bit puzzled – understandably! However, are you wondering if a big booze up and weekend long celebrations are really in order? Then check out these ways your hen do is good for you (and the guests, of course)!

All That Laughing

It’s been proven time and time again that laughter is the best medicine for loads of things and is really good for your health. When it comes to a hen party, you’re bound to be laughing throughout the day and night until your cheeks hurt. Just make sure you have an epic hen party activity that is equally as funny as you and your girls. We suggest trying out the goofy games hen party to have you in fits of laughter for the afternoon.

The Last Hoorah

If you strip back all the activities, the accessories and the copious amount of booze, a hen party is about having a last night of being wild. Although you can still be (and many people are), crazy when married, it’s still therapeutic to have that last send off. This is the most obvious of the ways your hen do is good for you, yet the most effective. Just make sure that whatever you’re planning, it’s definitely what the person wants and will make them happy!

Trying Something New

Most of the time, your hen party is the perfect time to band your girlfriends together and try something new. As well as being good for your soul, trying something new will give you amazing lasting memories that you can think back on. So, think about your bucket list, think about things you’ve always wanted to do, and go for it! Even if that just means mixing your very own drinks in a popular cocktail making experience.

Top 3 Action Packed Hen Do’s

Top 3 Action Packed Hen Do’s

There are plenty of women out there who love a good adrenaline rush, so why should your hen party just consist of getting drunk and curing a very achy head in the morning? If you fancy something with a bit more oomph, take a glance at these top 3 action packed hen do’s to try.

Old School Sports Day

A whole lot of fun, an old school sports day hen party will give you an adrenaline rush of laughter. Throwback to those primary school sports days and enjoy an hour of skipping, hopping, jumping and competing for the victory. All the equipment is ready and waiting for you to arrive so don’t worry about that any of that. Plus, they’ll be a friendly events co-ordinator to referee the games and announce the winner – so bring your A game!

For a whole hour, you and the girls will have the opportunity to dive into hilarious mini games and reminisce about your school days. The egg and spoon race, space hoppers and bean bag race are all reasons why the old school sports day is in the top 3 action packed hen do’s. Alongside the actual games, they’ll be a Mr & Mrs Quiz for your bride to be at half time, plus a cheeky bottle of bubbly for the winning team.

Goofy Games

The name says it all with this one, think goofy…think games…and you’ve got it! Prepare yourselves for an hilarious afternoon full of giant inflatables and ridiculous games. This wacky experience made the top 3 action packed hen do’s because it’s a completely stress free afternoon.

All you need to do is turn up and get ready to kick ass as you take to the goofy games hen party, including 8-9 different challenges that will have teams go head to head whacking each other of beams, battling against bungees and jumping over the sweeper. All the goofy games around the UK are different depending on where you go land. For example if you’re down in Swansea the games will have a Welsh flair (you might see some Dafydd sumo costumes about).

It’s a Knockout

When it comes to a throwback, it doesn’t get better than throwing yourself into the popular 80’s It’s a Knockout. Grab your friends and get stuck into the classic games such as the Super Suds, Dizzy Donuts and Penguin Pursuit! Being in the top 3 action packed hen do’s, its sure to create some giggly hen party memories.

As the It’s a Knockout hen party is organised for you, all you need to worry about is taking part. As well as the courses, inflatables and equipment that are all provided. You’ll also get the chance to wear some of the hilarious original BBC costumes from the TV show and bring the characters to life. Last but not least, there’ll be an excellent prize for the winning team to take home!

A Memorable Makeover and Photoshoot

A Memorable Makeover and Photoshoot Get glammed up and strike a few poses with a memorable makeover and photoshoot. What better way to celebrate your hen party then with a full makeover and snapping every moment of your special day?

What to expect on the day?

This 3-hour experience is the perfect way to celebrate your last night of freedom. Your day will be carried out within a professional photography studios. Here, you  will meet your makeup team and professional photographer. On the day, you will firstly be introduced to your makeup team. For the first 2 hours, you and the girls will get to enjoy getting glammed up. Then, its time to step onto your set. And if you fancy it, feel free to bring some music and a bottle of bubbly. A memorable makeover and photoshoot hen party is nice and relaxed, fun and a great way to create some memorabilia. For you vintage lovers, we offer a vintage makeover and photoshoot too.

On the third hour, you will then be introduced to your professional photographer who will get you girls feeling totally relaxed in front of the camera. All our photographers are ridiculously friendly and know exactly how to work with hen parties – they’re great, trust us! During this final hour, your photographer will lead you girls through a full photoshoot where you can strike as many poses as you like and unleash your inner model. All our venues are situated within the city centre and are easily accessible.  Also, everything will be included on the day such as, the photographer, studio and make-up artist.

A memorable makeover and photoshoot is brilliant and guarantees you girls a fabulous time. feel free to bring some different dresses, outfits and costumes to jazz up your photoshoot.  If this activity sounds right for you, then don’t hesitate ot give us a call on 0161 341 0052. Ask as many questions as you like  – our team is happy to help!